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About Us

About Us

Mail a Smile is a small organization based in Michigan. We are dedicated to bringing happiness and a sense of community to seniors in care facilities during the holiday season. We reach out to high schools in Michigan to involve more people in this project. This helps students interact with their community in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Mail a Smile was created by Josie Fairbanks, who was born and raised in Michigan. It all started when she began sending cards to her local senior care facilities. She then wanted to expand the project to include facilities and people all around Michigan. Contact her at jfairbanks@mailasmileproject.com.

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Our process

We start by contacting high schools to see if they are interested in participating in this project. If they are, we match them up with senior care facilities in their area who have signed up to receive cards.

Any time during the holiday season, students fill envelopes with handwritten greeting cards. Then, they mail them to an address where they will be combined with letters from other schools and sent to senior care facilities in Michigan. (If you contact us and want to volunteer, we’ll give you the address.)

And that’s it! We love getting feedback, so let us know when the letters have been sent. Feel free to submit pictures of the letters for a chance to be featured in the Inspiration Gallery.


Depending on the size of your school and the number of students, purchasing supplies (letters, envelopes, and stamps) can be tricky. We understand that, and we don’t want any barriers to prevent you from sending letters. If you don’t want to worry about purchasing your own supplies, check out these options.

1. Ask us for help

The Mail a Smile Project is willing to help with the cost of sending letters, whether it’s buying stamps or other supplies such as paper and envelopes. If you want to buy your own supplies but don’t want to spend money, you can ask for help from us. We’ll take care of the money so you can focus on sending heartfelt, quality cards.

2. Ask your community

Many organizations in your community would love to help cover the cost of this project. Check out your local Rotary, a community foundation, or other organizations to see if they can help. Remember, you don’t need much– just paper, stamps, and one large envelope per care facility.

Like what you see? Want to become a volunteer? We can help!

Are you a senior care facility interested in being a part of our project? Look no further.